A variety of reasons may explain why transportation measures are often tough to pass. Maybe the public doesn’t understand the issue or is totally opposed to raising taxes to fund repairs or pay for new projects.

Not matter what the case, the Totten Team has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to move public opinion by distilling and delivering clear, concise and compelling communications on complex and hotly contested transportation issues.

Whether the task was a ballot initiative, a referendum, a legislative policy battle or a public information campaign, we have found a way to win.




Statewide Constitutional Amendment

In 2006, Totten Communications successfully directed a diverse coalition of business, labor, environmental, civic and transit organizations to score a major upset victory in passing Minnesota’s Transportation Amendment.

Confounding the political pundits, this amendment to the state constitution passed in 116 of 135 state legislative districts, collected 57.5% of the vote and received more votes than all but one statewide candidate.

WINNER: Amendment passed with 57.5% of the vote!




Transportation Sales Tax Ballot Measure

WINNER: Prop 2000 passed with 65% of the vote!

In Phoenix, Totten Communications developed the successful communication strategy for the surprising victory of Proposition 2000. The advertising campaign created by the Totten Team is widely credited with convincing the notoriously anti-tax electorate to vote overwhelmingly for a sales tax increase. These new funds expanded all forms of public transportation including the establishment of a light rail system that is in operation today.

In fact, by garnering 65% of the vote, Prop 2000 registered the second highest victory margin ever attained by a voter-approved transportation tax increase in the United States up to that time.




Public Information and Referenda Campaigns

Retained by the St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association, our seasoned media experts created and implemented the public information campaign that galvanized community support for a $3 billion investment to expand and modernize Lambert International Airport.

Totten also engineered the successful passage of a controversial highway construction referendum that would ultimately streamline ground transportation in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

WINNER: Prop #1 passed with 60% of the vote!




Years have been spent planning. Hundreds of hours of meetings have been logged. The comprehensive and modern transit plans are designed, and funding mechanisms have been identified. Essential components upon which victory rests are the strategic campaign plan and compelling communications needed to persuade a skeptical public to vote – Yes!

Time and again, business leaders and community activists along with well-intentioned citizens have gone to great lengths to devise visionary transportation solutions only to have those initiatives defeated at the ballot box.

Why risk success in the final leg of your journey?

At Totten Communications, we know that each community is unique and that every initiative process possesses a new challenge. Our specialists possess the experience to identify and help overcome the obstacles that you will undoubtedly face. By working closely with your entire campaign organization, our team will help you navigate the political landscape by crafting an integrated campaign and communications plan that will lead you to victory.

We did it before…We can do it again…This time for you.