Our Clients

From Coast to Coast, City Hall to the Halls of Congress, and the Courthouse to the Statehouse…

Totten Communications has helped a myriad of individuals and a host of diverse political, social and business coalitions achieve their respective goals. While this civic and labor organizations, business and industry groups, professional associations and political parties differ widely; they all have one thing in common. Each agrees that they received unmatched personal attention and custom made communications.

Time and again, we have proven our proficiency at shaping public opinion. Our record of success in public policy battles and winning referenda speaks for itself.

Issue Advocacy Organizations:

Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform

Citizen Action

Citizens for Fair Legislation

Citizens for Law & Justice

Citizens for a Livable St. Louis County

Citizens for a Modern Airport

Coalition for Family Safety

Floridians for a Level Playing Field

Georgians for Better Education

International Association of Machinists

Massachusetts Animal Interest Coalition

Minnesotans for Better Roads & Transit

Neighborhood Alliance for Local Control

Phoenix Parks & Preserve Committee

Pro-Curacao Foundation

Safe-T, Inc.

Scenic Missouri

The Anti-Defamation League

Transit 2000

U Cubed

1199 Service Employees International Union



Legislative Caucus

Fmr. New Jersey Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts describes the electoral successes attained by working with the Totten Team over the past decade.



Floridians for a Level Playing Field coalition members share how Totten provided the winning strategy and delivered the dynamic media needed to change the state’s constitution regarding gaming measures.



Minnesotans for Better Roads & Transit coalition members tell how Totten was able to lead them to victory on a statewide ballot amendment to update the state’s constitution regarding transportation funding.



U.S. Political Candidates share how Totten made the difference in their campaigns and helped them to realize impressive victories on election day.


Political Parties and Associations:

New Jersey Assembly Campaign Committee

New Jersey State Senate Caucus

  • State Senator Linda Greenstein
  • State Senator Bob Gordon
  • State Senator Jeff VanDrew

NJ Democratic Assembly Leadership Pac

Ohio Democratic Party

Arkansas Democratic Party

South Dakota Democratic Party

Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers

Academy of Kentucky Trial Attorneys

Association of Maryland Trial Lawyers

Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities

Louisiana Trial Lawyers Association

St. Louis Regional Commerce & Growth Assoc.

New Democratic Party, British Columbia

Partido Nashonal di Pueblo, Netherlands Antilles

United Democratic Party, Belize

United National Congress, Trinidad & Tobago

Partial Political Candidate List:

US Senator Tom Daschle – South Dakota

US Senator Carl Levin – Michigan

US Senator Bob Kerrey – Nebraska

US Senator Fritz Hollings- South Carolina

US Senator Byron Dorgan – North Dakota

Governor Bruce Sundlun – Rhode Island

Governor Rudy Perpich – Minnesota

Governor Bill O’Neill – Connecticut

Premier Mike Harcourt – British Columbia

Prime Minister Suzy Camelia-Romer – Netherlands Antilles

Prime Minister Basdeo Pandy – Trinidad

US Representative Eric Swalwell – California

US Representative Tim Johnson – South Dakota

US Representative Ben Cardin – Maryland

US Representative Leslie Byrne – Virginia

US Representative Jim Bacchus – Florida

US Representative Sander Levin – Michigan

US Representative Jim Moody – Wisconsin

US Representative Wayne Owens – Utah

US Representative Peter Hoagland – Nebraska

US Representative Louise Slaughter – New York

Attorney General Robert Abrams – New York

Secretary of State James Guest – Vermont

Assembly Speaker Albio Sires – New Jersey

Mayor Vincent Schoemehl – St. Louis, MO

Mayor John Norquist – Milwaukee, WI

Mayor Jim Donchess – Nashua, NH

State Senator Lana Pollack – Michigan

C.E. Marsha Murphy – Kansas City