Susan Ryan


Susan Ryan is Totten Communication’s chief political media placement strategist.

With over 30 years of hands-on strategic planning and account management experience, Susan has an intuitive feel for how to devise and implement an effective media campaign.

Ryan’s ability to match polling data with media market research analysis provides our clients with a sophisticated communications model that is designed to consistently reach a well-defined target audience of persuadable voters.

Susan Ryan is an expert in systems development and implementation and her knowledge of the evolution of media consumption makes her invaluable when designing integrated media plans for cost effective media delivery.

Susan’s past successes include some of the nation’s hardest fought political contests such as US Senator Ted Kennedy’s reelection vs. Mitt Romney, US Senator Fritz Hollings’ reelection in South Carolina, the campaign that elected Leslie Byrne, the first woman ever sent to Congress from Virginia, MA Lt Governor Evelyn Murphy, the first woman ever to hold statewide office in MA, The Georgia Lottery referendum, Floridians for a Level Playing field gaming referendum as well as the bitter NO on Question #3 that defeated the ban on Greyhound racing in Massachusetts.