Michael Muller


Michael Muller is an accomplished political strategist who has provided guidance to legislative leadership in Illinois, New Jersey and New York,   along with a broad spectrum of presidential, congressional, statewide and local candidates.

Michael’s achievements include building the New Jersey Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC) and turning it into one of the nation’s elite legislative leadership committees.

As DACC’s executive director since 2002, Michael increased the New Jersey Democrats’ Assembly majority to its largest level since the Watergate era and often overcame daunting odds by building and leading a well-regarded professional operation.

Under Michael‘s leadership, New Jersey’s Assembly Democrats became the first party of the governor to gain mid-term seats in more than fifty years. His innovative approach protected every seat won by the new majority and also established Democratic seats in traditional Republican strongholds. A crowning achievement came in 2009, when despite Governor Corzine being defeated statewide and losing a majority of legislative districts, Michael successfully devised the strategy and led the effort that reelected every Democratic incumbent and reversed a twenty-eight year trend of legislative control flipping when the governor’s office changed hands.

In 2008, Michael was Hillary Clinton’s New Jersey Campaign Director. His work delivered a double-digit victory on Super Tuesday and provided the Clinton campaign with a crucial primary win over the surging campaign of Senator Barack Obama.

During the 2008 general election, Michael served as the Coordinated Campaign Director in New Jersey where he scored decisive victories statewide for President Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg along with the election of U.S. Representative John Adler to the Third Congressional District – a seat Democrats had not won in over 100 years.

A New York City native, Michael earned his stripes by orchestrating several stunning political upsets. In his first campaign, he demonstrated his organizational acumen by directing the field operation that upset a political icon and elected Alan Hevesi to the office of New York City Comptroller.

As a campaign manager, Michael successfully elected an independent to the New York State Assembly against the Queens County party machine. That victory preceded a 1996 campaign that defeated the only incumbent New York State legislator that year.

In 2000, Michael joined Totten Communications as the field organizer and coordinator of an industry workforce of 1,500 employees in the successful effort to defeat Ballot Question #3 in Massachusetts.

Michael has developed an innovative structure to campaign and project management that provides levels of accountability, responsibility and an organizational approach that maximizes an efficiency of resources. This model and track record has established Michael as a strategist trusted to deliver victories when the stakes are highest.