Earl Bender

Senior Strategist

Earl Bender has been involved in strategic planning, campaign management, and public policy for the past twenty years. During President Carterʼs Administration, he served on the White House Domestic Policy Staff designing and directing a government-wide policy monitoring system.

Bender is widely acknowledged to be one of the nation’s leading strategists on initiatives and referendums. He is a Founder and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center in Washington, DC and is a contributor to the Initiative and Referendum Almanac. Earl was recognized as one of the “Movers & Shakers” in American politics by Campaigns & Elections Magazine.

Bender has worked on hundreds of candidate, initiative and referenda campaigns. His clients have included national, state, and local Democratic Party Institutions; public agencies, corporations, environmental groups, trade associations, as well as unions such as the National Education Association and its state affiliates. Earl conducts frequent strategic planning, message development and training sessions for political leaders and activists.

Earl has been an innovator in the area of member mobilization for national organizations. Earl has designed management assessment programs for entities such as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee.

Bender began as a pollster in Louisiana where he worked on more than 600 campaigns. He was Deputy Director of the Carter/Mondale re-election campaign in Florida as well as directing a victorious statewide constitutional amendment in the state.

Earl has worked with corporations; civic, trade and professional associations; educational and environmental groups and other not-for-profit organizations all across America. Bender has literally trained thousands of candidates and campaign operatives nationwide.

In 2002, Earl managed the campaign against Virginiaʼs environmentally destructive Transportation Bond Initiative. In this highly publicized and emotionally charged public policy battle, the NO campaign that Bender directed defeated a coalition of well organized and extremely motivated proponents who outspent his campaign by a 13-1 margin.

In 2004, Totten Communications sent Bender to manage all aspects of the day to day operations of the campaign that changed the Florida constitution to give the voters in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties the right to approve slot machines at existing parimutuel facilities. His management skill coupled with his ability to maximize the talents of our small campaign staff has been widely recognized as a crucial element contributing to our stunning triumph.

Earlʼs political acumen combined with his management expertise has consistently proven to be a significant advantage in the quest for campaign victory.