The BEE MAD @ THE GOP Internet campaign was an effort to harness the political power of the unemployed to defeat those politicians who had turned their backs on the millions of Americans without jobs. The campaign began in July 2012 with the goal of helping the unemployed target their anger and frustration about the current jobs crisis where it rightfully belonged: squarely at the feet of Republican legislators in Washington who turned their backs on the plight of the unemployed.

The campaign was designed to highlight the Grand Old Party’s dependence on Super PACS, its addiction to corporate campaign contributions and lockstep determination to block any legislation that extended a helping hand to the jobless.

Thus, the Battle Royal was joined! The Army of American Worker Bees…the backbone of the US economy versus The GOP…the Greedy Obstructionist PAC-A-DERMS! And their legions of lobbyists and special interests!





Effectively presenting a compelling motivational message to an Internet audience known for it’s notoriously short attention span required breaking new ground.

Even though our message was deadly serious, our most powerful delivery system was humor. We developed a series of short cartoon animations that got a laugh but packed a real punch.

While our two main characters had their distinctive personalities, our villains remained amorphous caricatures upon which the audience could project their visions of betrayal. The absence of specific characters provided a wide avenue for our audience to offer their comments and became part of an interactive conversation on our website.

During the Bee Mad campaign, 4,039,300 videos were downloaded inside Facebook. But the UCubed engagement level went much deeper.

UCubed fans SHARED and LIKED our posts and videos. And when they did, they automatically sent our messaging to their “friends of fans. Consequently, we saw a spike in activity:

  • The UCubed Facebook page averaged 26,000 engaged users a day.
  • The total daily reach averaged 858,000 individuals.
  • Over 101 days, our total daily reach tallied up to 82.4 million users.

Bottom Line:

UCubed saw 2.99 million Daily Page Stories in 101 days.  Over 590,000 stories in the last three weeks.  We burned the phrase BEE MAD @ THE GOP into millions and millions of eyeballs. 

And it worked!  All across America, jobless voters swarmed the polls, inflicting stinging defeats on the GOP!

Watch the Episodes!




In Episode 3, Buzz is getting clobbered by the economy and he keeps getting knocked down. But Buzz doesn’t pull any punches as he’s quick to remind us that worker bees are tough, and they will ultimately prevail because there are still more worker bees than there are PAC-A-Derms.



In Episode 4, Honey Bee takes the spotlight to speak to female worker bees. This tough cookie reminds us that she works hard for her honey and the struggle for respect, and equal pay can be realized if and when female worker bees swarm and sting at the voting booth.



In Episode 5, Buzz gets some screen time on the Bee News Network – BNN. Anchor Drone On-and-On provide Buzz with a platform to tell it as it is in the struggle against the Pac-a-derms in Washington. He reminds the viewer that, in America, it’s still one bee – one stinger!



In Episode 6, Buzz E. Bee takes his motivating message on the road and delivers it with a sharp wit and dry humor at the Comedy Comb. His zingers hit the mark and keep the audience enthusiastically engaged. By following Buzz’s voting advice, worker bees will have the last laugh on Election Day.


BNN #2

In Episode 7, Buzz and Honey appear on BNN and make the case for why worker bees need to sting the Pac-a-derms this election. Our provocative bees provide a powerful message to fire up worker bees.



In Episode 8, Buzz sharpens his sting skills in the flight simulator. Watch as Buzz puts the enemy in focus and reminds worker bees to prepare for the battle at the ballot box.



In Episode 9, Buzz dons the persona of General Will B. Proud and channels his best impersonation of General Patton to inspire the troops for the electoral challenges that lay ahead.



Episode 10, Buzz reminds worker bees that success at the polls requires having a plan. All must Bee Determined, Bee Prepared, Bee Registered and Bee on Target with your vote!



In Episode 11, Buzz & Honey team up to rally the hive and remind worker bees to be focused, engaged and ready to sting at the ballot box.



Episode 12 – Monster Trunks is a raucous reminder that it is time for worker bees to sharpen their stingers and swarm the polls to exact revenge against the GOP.



In Episode 13, Buzz and Honey thank worker bees for their hard work. In this election recap, our dynamic duo empowers worker bees with the reminder that there is still much work to do. If we stick together, everyone in the hive can thrive.




The BEE MAD @ THE GOP Campaign was the brainchild of Rick Sloan, the Communications Director of The International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers. Rick also serves as the Executive Director of UCubed (Union of Unemployed), the IAM’s pioneering effort to rally the millions of American workers who have lost their jobs.

Rick’s vision was to utilize Facebook to interact with UCubed members and their friends. To have them spread the word, have them tap into this reservoir of discontent and disappointment to harness the voting power of the jobless. Then channel that political strength against those politicians who had turned their backs on the millions of Americans without work.

Machinists attending the IAMAW’s Grand Lodge Convention in Toronto were fired up by a progress report on BEE MAD.

Watch: UCubed Executive Director Rick Sloan shares Bee Mad’s success.

What is UCubed?

UCubed was created in 2010 to help the 31 million unemployed Americans organize, work together and get back to work.

UCubed is designed to help jobless Americans to connect. First, they form an individual cube, then multiply their political and economic power by 6. Then by 36. Eventually, by 31 million. 

Originally launched as a public service project, Totten Communications partnered with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to grow Ucubed to include more than 288,000 fans on Facebook.

Watch the Ucubed Introduction Video